Go Around, Again

an LP produced by Under the Spire Recordings

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Hard not to be drawn into the intricate patterns that are obviously the result of both an articulate musician and deft arranger of recorded parts. [...] there's always one overarching line or tone than floats over the top, drawing the ear away from the distinct groove or beat of the main melody, putting the spotlight onto a particular phrase or element means the hypnotic accompaniment remains engaging.

—Charles Sage for Fluid Radio

Jantz has purified his tactics to give you the glorious Go Around, Again. Fantastic sounds on here, doing a sort of Citay-like ambient psych with elements of Ponytail's light loop styles and The Books' chopped pop, sunny and charming and everything pleasant.

—Justin Snow for Anti-Gravity Bunny

Go Around, Again is perhaps honed better than any other material within the comprehensive discography to which it belongs. [...] Where Black Eagle Child may be on following endeavors is a mystery, but the project is guaranteed to abound in creativity as it currently does.

—Carter Mullin for Olive Music

One comes away from the project concluding that perhaps the best way to interpret the title is to think of it as a reference to the repeated plays that Go Around, Again will invariably receive.


How Go Around, Again shapes up next to his previous album is kind of irrelevant. It can quite happily stand on its own, as a supremely accomplished work.

—Jeremy Bye for A Closer Listen

Despite the fact that the tone palette has been broadened this time around, the simplicity and warmth of the music this man creates remains second to none, and he really stands out from all the other one-man-and-a-loop-pedal types thanks to a combination of restraint and a nifty instinct for textural and melodic warmth.

—Mike @ Norman Records (UK)